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Take on the challenge of a lifetime, experience the ultimate adrenaline rush and support BulliesOut

Can you imagine what it would be like jumping out of a plane, 12,000 feet in the sky and experiencing the incredible rush as you dive into the air and freefall towards the earth at 120mph? Now think about the tranquility when the canopy opens, gliding until your feet finally touch the ground. Take part in our Big Jump and this amazing experience will become a reality!

Date: June 22nd 2019

Location: Swansea Airfield

Registration Fee: £50.00

Fundraising Pledge: £345

Charity Sky Dive

What’s it like?

Imagine standing at the edge of an open doorway of an aircraft flying at 12,000 feet – the noise of the engines and the wind ringing in your ears with only the outline of distant fields below. Now imagine leaning forward out of that doorway and letting go – falling forward into the clouds, diving down through the air as you start free-falling at over 120mph! Then ….  peace and quiet as the canopy opens, the steering toggles come down either side of you and you begin a tranquil parachute descent from a mile up in the air, steering yourself back down to the centre of the drop zone below. Sound amazing? Imagine being able to do this for FREE whilst harnessed to a professional free-fall parachute instructor and at the same time being able to help an anti-bullying charity!

What does the jump involve?

The technical term for the jump is a ‘Tandem Skydive’. It is a Skydive because you will be free-falling through the air (without the parachute deployed) for several thousand feet; it is in Tandem because you will be harnessed to a professional parachute instructor at all times throughout the descent. This is literally the chance of a lifetime!

Points to remember:

  • Jump and training completed in one day
  • Harnessed to an experienced parachute instructor at all times
  • Jump from 12,000 feet – just like the professionals
  • Free-fall down to 5,000 feet – falling through the air at 120 mph!
  • Ride the parachute down to the ground – we teach you how to steer onto the drop zone
  • Landing controlled by your instructor
  • Certificate to prove that you have completed Tandem Skydive

Are there any restrictions on age or health?

The tandem skydive you must be at least 16 years old. There is no upper age limit but if you are over 60 years of age, you will need to complete a pre-assessment at the centre before your booking is accepted.

The weight limits are 15 stone for men and 13 stone for ladies. Everyone doing a tandem skydive will be required to complete a medical form. You will be required to sign a medical form before your jump declaring your fitness to take part – this will be sent to you along with your booking form. Those under the age of 18 will need the medical form signed by a parent or guardian; those with a medical condition will need it signed by their doctor.

Further information can be found on http://www.skydiveswansea.co.uk/faq/

How do I book?

Our selected ‘dive’ date is June 22nd 2019. Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. To reserve your space on this date, please complete the form below:

Reserve your Charity Sky Dive space!

 I/We understand that I/we will be taking part in this event entirely at my/our own risk and will attach no responsibility to the organising body in the event of any injury or material damage. I confirm I am 16 years old or over and sign on behalf of myself and on behalf of the individuals in my party.
We will use this information to contact you regarding the Sky Dive and you can also contact us at fundraising@bulliesout.com or if you have any questions, please visit http://www.skydiveswansea.co.uk/faq/.
 I give permission
We would like to keep in touch and update you of any further events. If you would like to receive our bi-monthly newsletter, please tick the box below:
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Once your online form has been received, you will be sent a booking form which will need to be completed and returned to Swansea Skydive along with your deposit of £50.

Once you have signed up, you can then start collecting your sponsorship to raise the remainder of your jump fee. JustGiving is an easy way to collect sponsorship as you don’t have to chase anyone! The donations that you get will automatically come through to us and we will then allocate them to your own personal fundraising for the event. This must be a minimum of £345 to pay the remainder of your jump fee and raise the minimum sponsorship required. Please click on the link below to set up your JustGiving page as part of this campaign:


What support will I get?

  • T shirt – to show everyone you’ve ‘jumped’ for BulliesOut
  • Fundraising guide – full of top tips for your fundraising
  • We’re also on hand to give any support you may need
  • You’ll receive training on the day of your sky dive by our partners at Swansea Skydive. You’ll be harnessed to a professional parachute instructor who controls the free fall, parachute opening and landing. So be brave and enjoy.

For further information, please contact us on fundraising@bulliesout.com or if you have any questions, please visit http://www.skydiveswansea.co.uk/faq/

Please note: BulliesOut are not involved in the organisation of the skydiving event. Your contract is with Swansea Skydive which organises the event and arranges your skydiving experience. Your entry fee is paid to Swansea Skydive and the Charity does not benefit from these payments. The Charity benefits from the sponsorship raised along with related donations. The Charity disclaims all liability in respect of the skydiving event, save for that which is caused by the Charity’s negligence. BulliesOut advises you to take reasonable steps to confirm that you are content to take part in the skydiving activity with Swansea Skydive.



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Need to talk?

If you are being bullied or are concerned about someone who is, you can receive help and support from one of our trained Mentors through our e-mentoring service.

If you would like a Mentor to email you, please contact: mentorsonline@bulliesout.com

If you would rather speak to someone over the telephone, you can call Childline on: 0800 1111

For any community-related issues, such as anti-social behaviour, we would suggest contacting your landlord, the local police or your local environmental health department (where applicable), as we are unable to deal with these types of complaints.