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22nd Nov 2021
Jealousy and Bullying

No Hard Feelings: Emotions at Work, Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy

6th Oct 2021

Reviewing a non-fiction book can sometimes prove tricky. With no characters or plot to discuss, it can sometimes feel hard to feel impassioned by the text. But with ‘No Hard Feelings’ I found myself feeling quite the opposite. In fact, Liz and Mollie, the authors, almost felt like friends by the end of the book. Written in such an easy, approachable, honest manner it was hard not to get drawn in and attached to them both. With useful and thought-provoking insights on the workplace accompanied by clever illustrations I found myself enjoying it far more than I expected to.

Full disclosure time. I already had knowledge of the authors from their popular social media account, @LizandMollie.  There, I had seen a variety of their illustrations which I had felt cleverly articulated an issue or emotion felt in the workplace. When I saw the book advertised it was initially one of the factors that drew me in. But, when I read the book, I found myself being drawn in by the words and the content far more than the illustrations.  Looking at how we can make such simple changes and make such a different within our workspaces was really enlightening and left me feeling very empowered at my ability to make a positive impact.

Often emotions at work are either overlooked or seen as a negative thing. If we talk about how we are feeling or show vulnerability, it is often viewed as a weakness. This book talks about we find that balance as a leader. It talks about the concept of selective vulnerability and how we introduce that balance into our interactions with colleagues – letting them in, whilst managing to maintain a sense that everything is under control, to ensure they feel secure.

I picked up numerous useful tips from reading the book. Two parts that stood out to me were in relation to remote working and on our impact upon others.

  1. Remote working and time zones: The book talks about the importance of ensuring those who work remotely feel part of the team, which can be tricky over mostly online interactions. It gave the simple tip of, when on different time zones and expecting someone to join a call at 6am or 10pm their time, do we need to require them to have their camera on? Such a little thing that can make such a big difference.
  2. Our impact on others: Do we consider the ripple effect of our mood? How we feel can often influence how others feel too and can then further still perhaps impact those within their day-to-day interactions. Do we want that ripple of influence to be a positive one or a negative one? Again, a simple but practical tip was at the start of a meeting to get attendees to rate their mood out of 10. Anyone who says they are less than a 5 are asked if there is anything they can do now to improve their mood, be it making a quick call or sending a quick email, or even something as simple as eating something. If so, they are told to go do it and join in late to the meeting. What a simple way to show staff they are valued and improve the ripple effect of their mood.

It is often challenging to find time to fit any form of reading into our day, to then ask you to take up that time by reading about the workplace could, you may well be thinking, be a step too far. But for those of you who are intrigued, I honestly cannot recommend it enough. Uplifting, motivational and inspiring, I think you will find yourself glad you did.

Let us know your thoughts if you do.


Written by, Lucy Howard, BulliesOut Head of Content and Media


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