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12th Sep 2020
Crossing the Line: When Resilience Building Becomes Bullying

Highly referenced in military and sporting settings, resilience can be defined as ‘the ability to positively adapt to challenges’, or in simple terms ‘bounce back’ (Winwood et al., 2013). Those…

7th Sep 2020
Digital Footprint

  Digital Footprint is a term being used more and more. Put simply, it means ‘what information about us there is online’ and what impression or ‘footprint’ of us that…

2nd Sep 2020
Face Coverings in Schools

  What year would be complete without a ‘must have’ back to school fashion accessory- little did we know that this year’s entry would be a Face Covering. The issue…

31st Aug 2020
Kindfest 2020

Sept 17th 2020, 9am-11am Be The Ripple and Cognitize present Kindfest2020.  A virtual celebration and education of workplace kindness. Kindness is not always seen as a priority in the workplace….

31st Aug 2020
How to make to most of your Instagram account

Instagram is one of the worlds most popular apps. A photo sharing app launched in 2010, it now has over 1 billion users on its platform.  Currently owned by Facebook,…

21st Aug 2020
A Teenagers Guide to Tik Tok

TikTok is everywhere right now. From its initial release as an app in 2016 it has amassed over 1 billion users (as of August 2020) and it has become an…

14th Aug 2020
The ‘New Normal’ – Could Virtual Working Reduce the Prevalence of Workplace Bullying?

On the 23rd March 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a full lockdown for the British people, with the simple message to ‘stay at home’ (Gov.uk, 2020). This included the…

4th Aug 2020
Back to School Tips for Parents

With schools due to return in Scotland this month and then in September for England and Wales, it is perhaps time to start to look at how we can help…

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